Registering a Birth in France (UK nationals)

Applicable to UK Nationals


1. The birth of a child born in France must be registered within three days of its occurrence at the Town Hall (Maire) of the place of birth. It may then be registered at the British Embassy, Consular Section, Paris. This form of registration is not compulsory, however it is proof of citizenship and provides a permanent record of the event for the General Register Office (GRO) in the United Kingdom. Such registration will ensure that the birth is included among the records of the General Register Office in the United Kingdom.

2. According to the provisions of the British Nationality Act 1981, which took effect on 1 January 1983, the following births may be registered in the Consular Register of Births:

a) The birth of a child born before 1 January 1983 whose father was at the time of the birth a Citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies otherwise than by descent.

b) The birth of a child born on or after 1 January 1983 whose mother or father is either:

i) a British Citizen or a British Dependent Territories Citizen otherwise than by descent

ii) a British Citizen/British Dependent Territories Citizen in Crown service, or in European Community or certain other types of designated service, at the time of the birth (subject to specific conditions). Further information on this is available on request.

Note on children born out of wedlock

A mother can transmit her citizenship to her child born abroad on or after 1 January 1983 but a father cannot transmit his citizenship unless his child is subsequently legitimated according to British law.

3. Application forms to register a birth can be obtained from your nearest British Consulate General. Completed application forms, together with the correct fees and documents, (see paragraph 4) should be sent to the British Embassy, Consular Services, Paris.


British Consulate-General in Paris
18bis rue d'Anjou, 75008 Paris
postal address
British Embassy, BP111-08, 75363 Paris Cedex 08
Tel: 01 44 51 31 00
Fax: 01 44 51 31 27

British Consulate-General in Bordeaux
353 boulevard du president Wilson,
33073 Bordeaux cedex
Tel: 05 57 22 21 10
Fax: 05 56 08 33 12

British Consulate-General in Marseille
24 avenue du Prado,
13006 Marseille
Tel: 04 91 15 72 10
Fax 04 91 37 47 06

British Consulate in Lyon
24 rue Childebert,
69002 Lyon
Tel: + 33 (0) 4 72 77 81 70
Fax + 33 (0) 4 72 77 81 79

Registration of birth (no birth certificate provided) 86.00 Euros*

For each copy of the entry (ie birth certificate) 55.00 Euros*

*Please check that fees have not changed.

Customers are able to pay the above fees by personal cheque drawn on French bank accounts. Cheques should be made payable in Euros to "British Embassy Paris". Payments can also be made by mandat-cash obtainable from French Post Offices, also made payable to the "British Embassy Paris". Personal callers can pay by cash, cheque and most debit/credit cards.

If you would like your documents returned by registered post, please enclose a self-addressed envelope stamped to the value of 5.00 Euros and complete a "recepisse d'un envoi recommande" with your name and address.

Postal applications are preferred but if you wish to call at the Consular Section, Paris with your application you are welcome to do so.

Please note: If you are applying for consular birth registration and applying for a passport at the same time, please enclose an additional self-addressed envelope for the return of the consular birth certificate.

4. Documents to be produced

a) Child's full local birth certificate; a "copie integrale de l'Acte de Naissance".

b) Father's and mother's full British birth certificates (i.e. including names of parents) or, if born outside the United Kingdom and Colonies, documentary evidence of claim to citizenship.

c) Parents' marriage certificate. (If the marriage was solemnised in France a "copie integrale de l'acte de Mariage" must be produced).

d) Documentary evidence of the termination of the previous marriage(s) of either parent.

(Fiches d'etat-civil, livrets de famille, "extraits" or "bulletins" are NOT acceptable.)

Originals and one photocopy of each of the certificates should accompany the application. The originals will be returned to you. Please note that photocopies of documents without the originals cannot be accepted. An 'original' sometimes takes the form of a photocopy certified by the office that keeps the records.

5. A child may acquire French nationality at birth, as well as British nationality if, at least one of its parents is French or, at least one of its parents was born in France. However, confirmation of a child's status under French law should be sought from the French authorities.


For information about applying for copies of original British documents, please see the website of theOffice of National Statistics.

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